Saturday, July 26, 2008

The flea market

Paris_PucesDeMontreuil, originally uploaded by david_stirling.

I spent 200 Euros at the flea market today. What did I get? I'll tell you what I got. I got destroyed at three-card monty, that's what. Sheesh.

But as bad as I am at three-card monty, I'm far worse at shopping. I thought the semi-famous "Puces de Montreuil" would be a great place to score a cool French foulard (scarf). But this was no artisans fair. This was hard core immigrant-class junk meet. I did rummage through a pile of new scarves en solde and found three that look nice, but I don't even dare give them as gifts. I don't think you'd ever speak to me again if I gave one of these things to you as a "scarf from France."

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